About Outset Publishing

After years of project managing every kind of printed document, from the simplest of leaflets, to multi-part training resources, I decided to try my hand at writing fiction.

Once I had written my first novel, I realised that the writing was just the first part of a long journey before I would see my work of fiction gracing someone’s bookshelf.

If you are reading this, then maybe you are just at the start of that journey. Perhaps you are wondering what to do about obtaining an ISBN or how you might begin to transform your wonderful story into a book format. You might be worrying about what makes for the best cover design. Then, once you have thought about all these elements, and more, you may be daunted by how best to navigate the many different online bookstores.

Don’t despair! If you would like to hand these elements over so that you can get back to the exciting business of writing your next book, then you might just have come to right place.

Take a look around this website to find out more and then, if you think Outset Publishing may be able to help you, just get in touch.