The wonder of a dictionary

If you are ever stuck for something to read, just pull a dictionary down from the shelf and start at page 1…


  1. I agree absolutely! My dad gave me a Collins Gem dictionary when I started at Grammar School and told me to read one page a day – and then he tested me on the spellings for that day. This helped immensely and I will always be grateful to him for that. I then went on to read even bigger dictionaries and now I have a complete shelf of them! There is one subject missing and I am writing the dictionary on that – he said cryptically!

  2. Are you local?

    I have a query: does the word ‘local’ become meaningless when considering authors? Surely all authors are local?

    • Well there’s an interesting question. Yes, I guess you are right. Everyone is local to somewhere. In fact, what does local really mean? Answers on a postcard please…!

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