His story… is our H

Don’t you love the way certain words are so perfect for the thing they want to describe? For me, history is one such word.  After all, all history is a story, which centuries ago was passed on while wizened and wise elders recounted events as they sat around a camp fire (well, that’s my fanciful interpretation!).

The OED tells us that history came via Latin from the Greek historia, which meant finding out, narrative and from histor meaning learning, wise man.


Of course, history is just that – his story (or hers) and represents just one version of events.  If you read the French version of the Battle of Hastings, for example, you might find it differs a little from the English viewpoint.  And there isn’t even just one English version (or theory) about the what, when, where and how, regarding the demise of Harold.

But stories is what we are all about here at Outset.  We love writing them, reading them and thinking about them.  And we hope you will like all that we bring you during 2016!


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