Perfect poetry

For lovers of beautiful words we are using our P to celebrate beautiful¬†poetry. ¬†Read and enjoy…



There is always a bright light
you need to look to find it
no-one is going to knock at your door
tell you where it is
it is there, glowing
perhaps over a hill, radiant
against the evening dull
in the eye-speck of a swan
sea-shine on a mussel shell
call of a corncrake.


Hope is. It is so large
that it encompasses all.


All your forthright fears
cannot erode its brilliant surface.


Be like a monk and look for good
sail in your coracle
on a fair Imramma
be a wayfarer, sea-king
learn from a catachumen
take a sheep; be meek like one
seek fair isles and standing stones
find hope written there
in blazoned calligraphy.

By David E P Dennis

© David E P Dennis 2015





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