V is annoying for Scrabblers

If you are an avid Scrabble player, then you know the dread of getting a V in your hand.  V is one of the few letters that has no allowable two-letter words in Scrabble, making it particularly awkward to get rid of!

But it can be used tactically to block your opponent.  Of course, there are plenty of words that use V – a mere 34 pages in the OED start with V – and then there will be plenty of others that use V somewhere or other.

If we look at the frequency of use of each letter in the English alphabet, we find that V comes pretty low down in the pecking order, with only K, J, X, Q and Z used less frequently.

Let’s focus on some of the more unusual three letter words using V – try to guess the meaning, before looking at the answers below:

  • vav
  • vig
  • vug
  • voe

And let me know what is your least favourite letter in Scrabble?

Here are the meanings…

vav – a Semitic letter

vig – a charge paid on a bet

vug – small cavities inside rock

voe – a small bay or narrow creek

How many did you know?

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