Writing is what we are all about

It’s great that we have arrived at W, because we are all about words and writing.

Back at D of our alphabet journey, we looked at the discovery of writing. If you remember, we explained that the very earliest writing so far discovered is European in origin – written on the Amulet called the Tărtăria tablet dating to 5300-5500 BC and devised by the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture of the Carpathians and the Moldova-Romania region.

How incredible to think about all the words that have been written since those early times.  It seems that mankind needed to create permanence for their words.  We know that many stories were passed down by word of mouth, but people needed more than that.

We also know that written language can be misinterpreted (just as spoken language can be).  Meaning is not fixed and can be influenced by experience.  Each of us may have memories that we associate with certain words and phrases – in the same way that music can trigger a whole host of emotions.

It is difficult to imagine life without writing – we are surrounded by it.  We use it to describe, recount, explain, persuade, reassure, share, learn and teach.  A world without writing would mean no libraries, no bookshops, no computers, no television.

So, I would  like to give thanks to those early Europeans in 5300 BC… we are so grateful…




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